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Torchlight 2 Goes on Pre-Order

Posted by A Gaming Moose

The sequel to the popular and addicting Torchlight goes on pre-order. You can snag it via the Steam Store. The game is $19.99 but there is no release date yet. Below is gameplay video from PAX East; Torchlight II keeps all of the best parts of Torchlight like the mod framework via TorchED and then tosses in new features like multiplayer, new classes, new user interface, customizable characters and co-op campaign. The original Torchlight had tons of re-play value between mods and the endless dungeon and I can see myself dropping many hours into Torchlight II.


Stop, Drop and Zerg

Posted by A Gaming Moose

Look, I'm just asking that you go take care of a few little things, alright? So stop reading and start Googling.


Team Fortress 2 PSA: TF2 is Free to Play and come meet the Medic

Posted by A Gaming Moose

Well, the Uber Update has been aptly named (in hindsight, that makes sense now) and Valve has finally released the Meet the Medic video for Team Fortress 2. The other big bit of news that TF2 has gone free to play, and frankly if you haven't played it yet, you need to get out of your cave. Also, if you are a console video gamer, this would be the perfect time to play the BEST version of TF2, right on the best platform! Ok, so that was a cheap shot, but you have to admit that TF2 on xbox/ps3 is a sad wasteland devoid of any unlocks or every bodies favorite, HATS!.

Actual details for the free to play bits can be found at the Team Fortress 2 website FAQ, but a quick rundown: A free TF2 account is any that hasn't purchased something in the Mann Co. Store (hats, unlocks, etc), but you can pick up a multitude fo starter packs for .99 cents, but beware; the steam wallet has a minimum of $5 when you transfer cash in there. People who had a copy of TF2 before the free to play get a free hat called the Proof of Purchase. Speaking of hats; they do nothing for you in game, but people complain because OMG MY GAAAAME. Get over it you big babies.


Buy a new Windows 7 Machine get a (not so) Free Xbox 360

Posted by A Gaming Moose

The Xbox 360 4GB is totally free once you realize that you have to spend over $699 on a windows 7 PC and be a student. Just think, that $4,000 grand a year tuition is REALLY starting to pay off! The specifics come from the Windows Team Blog

Get a free Xbox 360 4GB console with the purchase of a Windows 7 PC $699 or more, at participating retailers in the US from 5/23-9/3 or while supplies last. Verification of student status required. See participating retailers for full details.

You can use the PC scout to figure out what you want, but I wouldn't expect a top of the line gaming rig (or even a mid level one for that matter). If you are looking to get a gaming machine on a budget, I'd recommend and going the do it yourself route; it's really easy!.

If you are a poor college student and looking for some Microsoft hookups, I would totally recommend Dreamspark and hitting up your college's tech department. More often than not, the tech department will have free copies of windows products that they will install for you.