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Why the PS3 Move is exactly like the Wii Remote

Sony just unveiled their new motion based control scheme dubbed "PS3 Move". While Nintendo's Wiimote and the PS3 Move motion controller have different hardware, they are the exactly the same to the average person. Deep down inside the PS3 Move is just another Wiimote in theory. Both controllers share the same idea, but are executed in different ways. PS3 Move: mimic, gimmick or something new?

  • Initial games will be tech demos showcasing control schemes
  • They both use light to track where the controller is at.
  • Both the PS3 Move and the Wiimote have a secondary controller with a control stick (and both come separate
  • Extra Controllers for the PS3 Move and Wiimote are expensive.
  • PS3 fanboys call the new control scheme "gimmicky". Wait, that was just the Wiimote.

OK, while the fine details may not be the same for the PS3 Move and Nintendo's Wiimote; the basic premise is exactly the same. Both controllers give players a new way to control future games and-in the case of the PS3-some older games like Little Big Planet. The PS3 Move handles the motion control differently than the Wiimote though. The PS3 Motion uses a LED lit ball coupled by the PS3 Eye toy to track it. The Wiimote uses a passive IR light in the sensor bar and the receiver is in the Wiimote and if you paid for it, the Motion Plus adapter for true 1:1 control.

The problem with the PS3 Move is that it is a add on and add ons have a terrible adoption rate for consoles. Couple that with how expensive the PS3 Move is going to be: for the "full" experience, each person will need two PlayStation Move controllers AND a sub controller (which doesn't support motion gaming at all). Oh but wait, how many Moves does the PlayStation support? Sony told Gizmodo that the PS3 only supports-at most-FOUR Move controllers at once: or two PS3 Move controllers and two sub-controllers. So, for that full multiplayer epxeriance you are looking at just one PlayStation Eye, but two Moves and a sub-controller per player. Using Giz's napkin math, that comes out to about $290 bucks to get the full experience. So we have expensive hardware, limited multiplayer experience and the potential for low adoption rates; sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The PS3 Move motion controller does have better tracking and better motion sensing (think of it having the Wii Motion Plus adapter built in). Both the PS3 Move and the Wiimote are exactly the same idea and close in hardware. It comes down to the execution of that idea, and the PS3 Move is going to have issues moving forward. I look forward to see how the diehard PS3 and Nintendo fans clamor about how one control scheme is better than the other.

Until I can get my hands on it, I'd have to label the PS3 Move as a mimic of the Wiimote. Mainly because for regular buyers there is no way you can explain that this is different than Wii Remote controllers.

If you don't think the PS3 Move and the Wii remote are the same, tell me why I'm wrong in the comments. Or if you think it is, share your thoughts.

Posted by A Gaming Moose

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  1. cool this

  2. their controls will fail, i have a feeling something bad happens to sony… doesn’t anyone think that? It looks like Nintendo will unveil something in the next E3 that will embarace sony.

  3. completely the same. but with higher quality and better looking hardware to back it up. Tracking should be more quicker and more precise than the wii, but the looks of the control is soo lame compared to the wii mote, unfortunately it will have to be so that the full experience is received.

  4. wow sony is running out of ideas i see so they copy others

  5. Why is no one making the mind remotes for the consoles yet? Amazing looking for P.C. games. Type of E.K.G. machine setup to read brainwaves to control game(I think).

  6. Wow dude u are totally wrong. Too bad u didn’t read up on the move before u decided to write this. First off I’m not a fanboy of Any console but u say it looks the same and playing it is like playing wii motion plus. I have played wii and the motion plus and it is okay but it’s tracking is off so much and the responiveness is horrible oh and now it has 1 to 1 tracking yeah right. Now the move may not be out yet but I have read lots of articles and watched alot of videos and even though u can’t believe everything u read and see too many sites are showing how accurate it is and how responsive it is too. Ok and now let’s just think about how u say it is the same in ur mind well then how come sony has better 1 to 1 tracking, a camera with 3d to track it, tracking in the controller and the ball, the ball can tell what color ur room is to know how to give u the best gameplay along with being able to also calibrate with ur lighting where ur at and play in a area that does not have much light. Oh and the controllers u don’t need 2 some games are just more fun with 2 of them and the sub controller u don’t need cause u can use u dualshock 3. Also they even said most of the games don’t even need it. Now I think I have proven my point enough but if u still don’t believe me then just for 1 example go to and check out a video called ps3 marathon it will show u everything down to how it plays, how much it all costs, how much u will need for it, and answering questions throughout the video. Now next time make sure u do ur homework and then u can come back with some Real information.

  7. Whoah. Lay off the speed man ( I kid, but use punctuation). The problem is the move isn’t unique or ground breaking; lets hope Sony can out innovate Nintendo. It will come down to the games being developed. Its just alot of hype for something that has been done before; Mabel Sony will blow the big N out of the water.

  8. I’ve got the Move and I’m really enjoying it. Very impressed with it. It’s very accurate, no lag, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Nothing else matters. The same goes for Kinect. If people really enjoy playing Kinect, what else matters?

  9. Is Move exactly like the Wii? I guess not for me. When I first seen the Wii I thought the console based solely on motion control was interesting. When I seen the games for Wii I lost all interest. I knew what kind of games were on Nintendo so I didn’t expect to have any real interest in the Wii because of the games. I never cared about Mario or Zelda. Just not for me. Every Wii game I seen made me feel like a 7 year old. I just couldn’t get into them. I do remember thinking at the time “if Sony had something like that for the ps3 but was more accurate with no lag for more adult games I might be interested”. Little did I know they were working on just that. There’s two very important things to me for motion control games. It has to be highly accurate with no lag. The Move gave me that.

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